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How to change windshield wipers on a Porsche Macan (2015+)

How Often: Inspect annually & replace as needed

Dealer Cost: ~$150

DIY Cost: ~$40

Skill Required: Easy

Repair Time: 10 minutes

Recommendation: Do-it-yourself

While windshield wipers are very simple, they play a critical safety role in allowing you to have a clear view of what’s ahead. Over time, as your windshield wiper blades deal with snow, rain, heat, dirt, etc., they wear out and need to be replaced. While there is no strict schedule for replacement, you can look for signs that your wiper blades are bad.


The most obvious symptom is when your wipers chatter or streak as they move across the windshield. Also, if the wiper blade is coming apart, with rubber separating from the shaft or the shaft separating from the frame, it is time for replacement. 

Replacing the windshield wipers on your Porsche Macan is super simple. Before you begin, check out the video from the YouTube channel, Trevor Campbell, to get an overview of how to put your wipers in “service mode”. This is an important first step so you don’t damage your vehicle. Detailed step-by-step instructions and parts and tools required can be found below.

Tools Required


Torque & Fluid Specs


Front wiper blades:

  1. Start by turning on the engine and letting it run for 5 or more seconds. To engage “service mode”, turn off the engine and briefly push the windshield wiper stalk down as shown in the above video. Your windscreen wipers raise halfway up and stay there.

  2. Raise the driver side wiper arm and locate a square button on the arm bracket. As shown in this video, press the button with your finger and slide the wiper out with other hand.

  3. Fit the new wiper blade by sliding it into the arm bracket. You should hear a click as the square button pops into place.

  4. Repeat steps 2 & 3 to replace the passenger side wiper blade.

  5. Turn the ignition on, and briefly push the windshield wiper down. Front wipers will return to their usual location. 


Rear wiper blade:

  1. Replacing rear wiper is even more simple. Lift the wiper arm of the glass and snap-of the wiper blade, as shown in this video. You will need to use a little force.

  2. With new wiper blade, align the tabs on bracket with the wiper arm slots and push them into the slot.  Place the rear wiper back in place and you’re all done!