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Changing manual transmission oil / fluid on a Porsche 911 (2005-2012)

Maintenance Interval: Every 12 years or 120k miles (180k kilometers)

Dealer Cost: ~$600

DIY Cost: ~$140 (not including tools)

Difficulty: Medium 

Repair Time: 3 hours


Changing your manual transmission fluid is important to keep your transmission healthy and shifts smooth. This is a easy do-it-yourself as long as you have the proper tools and ability to get your vehicle off the ground safely. If you are unsure, please visit a certified Porsche dealership or independent mechanic.

These service instructions apply to:

  • 2005-2012 Porsche 911 models (manual transmission)


Here are detailed step-by-step instructions to help you. For an overview, you can check out the above video from YouTuber, EatSleepDrive.

  1. Before you get started, ensure your engine and transmission are cool, so you don't burn yourself!

  2. Gather parts and tools.

  3. Get vehicle off the ground either using a vehicle lift or a jack and jack stands. Note: Ensure your car is level.

  4. Remove the two rear underbody panels which is held on by 10mm bolts and T25 screws.

  5. With the underbody panels off, you now will see the transaxle (note: transaxle = transmission and differential are one unit).

  6. Locate the 24mm fill bolt which is on the passenger side of the transmission. You will see two 24mm bolts. One is higher than the other and towards the back of the car. The other is lower and towards the front of the car. The lower 24mm bolt towards the front of the car is the fill bolt.

  7. Remove the 24mm fill bolt FIRST. If you cannot get the fill bolt off, STOP and do not drain the fluid. If you can remove it, proceed to the next step.

  8. Next, locate the 24mm drain bolt which is located on the bottom of the transmission. Get a drain pan and place it under the drain bolt and remove the 24mm drain bolt.

  9. Allow the transmission fluid to drain for 15 minutes, then replace the 24mm drain bolt. Be sure to use a new crush washer and torque the drain bolt to 30 ft-lbs.

  10. Now, add ~3 liters of transmission fluid in the fill bolt hole using a fluid transfer pump. When oil starts dripping out of the fill hole, you've reached the right capacity.

  11. Replace fill plug. Be sure to use a new crush washer and torque the drain bolt to 30 ft-lbs.

  12. Reinstall everything.

  13. Clean up your work area and put away your tools.

  14. You're all done!