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How to replace spark plugs on a Porsche 911 (2005-2012)

Maintenance Interval: Every 4 years or 40k miles (60k kilometers)

Dealer Cost: ~$1000

Independent Mechanic Cost: ~$600

DIY Cost: ~$100

Difficulty: Medium

Repair Time: 5 hours

Recommendation: Go to independent Porsche Mechanic


While replacing spark plugs on normal cars is a pretty simple task, it is more difficult on the Porsche 911 due to the engine's horizontally opposed design and placement. Unless you have some experience working on cars, the right tools, and patience, we recommend going to an independent Porsche mechanic for this service.


For an overview of the procedure, check out the video above from YouTube channel, EMD Porsche Specialist Caringbah SydneyIf you would like to do-it-yourself, you can find the parts, tools, and instructions below.

These service instructions apply to:

  • 2005-2012 Porsche 911 (all Carrera trims)

Vehicle-specific instructions & parts

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