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How to change engine oil & filter:

Porsche 911 (2009-2012)

How Often: 1 year or 5k miles (7.5k km)

Dealer Cost: ~$250

DIY Cost: ~$80

Skill Required: Beginner

Repair Time: 1 hour

To maintain your vehicle's health, it is important to change your engine oil and filter regularly. Porsche recommends changing the engine oil and filter every 1 year or 10,000 miles. However, we recommend replacing your engine oil every 5,000 miles if you want to keep your engine healthy for years to come. While it may be intimidating to work on your Porsche, changing the oil and filter isn't much different than on other vehicles. This is a great entry-level maintenance procedure that you can perform yourself and save yourself money on year after year. To perform this DIY, check out the tutorial above from YouTuber, CarFanatic. Detailed steps can be found below.

  • ↗️ 3/8" torque wrench
  • ↗️ Mechanic's toolset
  • ↗️ Pair of low profile oil drain pans
  • ↗️ Vehicle ramps
  • ↗️ Funnel to fill oil
Tools Required
  • ↗️ Mobil 1 0W-40 (10 quarts)
  • ↗️ Oil filter
  • ↗️ Oil drain plug
  • ↗️ Oil drain plug crush washer
  • ↗️ 36mm oil filter cap socket
  • ↗️ 8mm oil drain plug socket
Parts Required
Oil drain bolt: 37 ft-lbs
Oil filter cap: 19 ft-lbs
Oil capacity: 7.9 quarts (for Carrera, S, 4, 4S, GTS, 4 GTS)
Torque & Fluid Specs


  • Gather required tools and parts and put on gloves and eye protection.

  • Position vehicle on a flat surface.

  • If extra clearance is needed, raise vehicle via vehicle ramps or jack stands; be sure to engage parking brake.

  • Place drain pan under oil drain plug.

  • Remove oil drain plug; be sure to grab it so it doesn't fall into the drain pan.​​

  • If needed, switch drain pans before the first drain pan doesn't overflow.

  • While the oil is draining, remove the oil filter cap and filter, which is located under the engine cover.​

  • Replace oil filter with new filter; be sure to use new a new o-ring seal, which should be included with your new oil filter.

  • Re-install the new oil filter and cap; tighten the oil filter cap to 19 ft-lbs using a torque wrench.

  • After allowing the oil to drain for 20 minutes, re-install a new oil drain plug and crush washer; tighten the oil drain plug to 37 ft-lbs using a torque wrench.

  • While Porsche recommends using a new oil drain plug, you can re-use your old one as long as it is in good condition and you use a new crush washer.​

  • Add engine oil, but fill to 0.5 quart less than capacities below​:

  • 2009-2012 911 Carrera, S, 4, 4S, GTS, 4 GTS: 7.9 quarts

  • Start engine and allow it to warm up; when the car is sufficiently warm, you can have your onboard computer measure the oil level.

  • The upper line of the digital oil level reading is the max.​​​

  • The lower line of the digital oil level reading is the minimum.

  • Each increment represents a little less than 0.42 quarts.

  • Turn off engine and add additional oil as needed.​

  • Optional: Reset the service indicator using the ↗️iCarSoft POR II Tool

  • Collect all of your tools and clean up; you're all done!

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