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How to cabin air filter on a Porsche Cayenne (2011-2018)

Maintenance Interval: Every 2 years or 20k miles (30k km)

Dealer Cost: ~$150

DIY Cost: ~$20

Difficulty: Very easy 

Repair Time: 15 minutes


Does your A/C smell a little funny? If so, you're likely overdue to replace your cabin air filter (aka "pollen air filter"). This maintenance procedure is so easy that even someone with no experience working on cars can do it. To perform this DIY, check out this helpful tutorial above from YouTuber, Car Fanatic. While the video is for a 2003 - 2008 Cayenne, the steps are very similar on the 2011 - 2018 Cayennes. Detailed steps can be found below.

Vehicle-specific parts & tools you'll need for the job:


  1. Gather tools and part.

  2. Go to the front passenger side footwell and locate the plastic panel just under the glove box.

  3. Remove the plastic panel by unscrewing a single T20 torx screw located at the top, center of the plastic panel.

  4. Remove the plastic panel, which is now just held in by metal spring clips, by pulling it down.

  5. Next, on some Cayennes, you will see a plastic duct that runs horizontally. If so, remove this gently pulling down on it.

  6. Locate and remove the cabin air filter cover by prying downward on the edge towards the engine.

  7. The old cabin air filter should drop out. If not, use a small screwdriver to pry it out.

  8. Next, insert the new cabin air filter. Keep in mind that the cabin air filter only fits in one way, so, if you have encounter any resistance, you likely are trying to insert it in the incorrect orientation.

  9. Reinstall everything in reverse.

  10. Put up your tools.

  11. You're all done!