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How to replace PDCC reservoir a Porsche Cayenne (2008-2010)

Maintenance Interval: 6 year or 60k miles (90k km)

Dealer Cost: ~$400

DIY Cost: ~$90

Skill Required: Beginner

Repair Time: 30 minutes

The Porsche Cayenne could be equipped with Porsche Dynamic Chassic Control (PDCC), which actively adjusts the sway bars to keep the heavy vehicle flat in corners. To maintain this system, Porsche recommends replacing the PDCC reservoir every 6 years or 60,000 miles because the reservoir contains an integrated fluid filter, which needs periodic replacement. This is a super easy DIY, but there are not any videos covering the procedure. However, to get an overview, check out this power steering fluid change DIY from the YouTube channel, CarFanatic. The PDCC reservoir is the same exact part as the power steering fluid reservoir and is located just above. Detailed steps, parts, and tools required can be found below.

This service applies to: 

2008 - 2010 Porsche Cayenne Models with PDCC option

General tools you'll need for the job:
↗️Mechanic's tool set
↗️Torx screwdriver set
↗️Funnel to fill PDCC fluid
↗️Plastic pry tool set
Vehicle-specific parts & tools you'll need for the job:
  1. Gather required tools and parts and put on gloves and eye protection.

  2. Open hood and remove plastic panel along driver's side fender. It is just held on by a few plastic clips, which can be removed with a flat head screwdriver.

  3. You should now see the PDCC reservoir, which, if you look at minute 1:08 in the above video, is just above the power steering fluid reservoir.

  4. Remove the PDCC reservoir by removing the one plastic clip with a flat head screwdriver, then lifting the reservoir up and out. However, do not disconnect the hoses or remove the PDCC reservoir cap. We do not want the PDCC fluid coming out.

  5. Next, we're going to drain the PDCC reservoir using the method below. Alternatively, you could use a turkey baster or siphon to pump out as much fluid from the reservoir as you can.

    1. Use pliers to remove the hose clamps on the two PDCC hoses. Just move the clips down on the hoses, so you can get them out of the way.

    2. Now, let's start the PDCC fluid drain process. Do not completely remove the larger hose, but loosen it. You may need to gently pry it loose using a plastic trim remover tool and WD-40 as lubricant (see minute 1:46 in above video).

    3. Before completely disconnecting the larger hose, have a plastic container ready to catch the PDCC fluid. Keep the larger port on the PDCC pointed upward as you remove the larger hose, so fluid doesn't come out. Once you have the larger hose off, point the larger port down into your plastic container. Then, twist loose the PDCC reservoir cap to allow the fluid to freely drain.

    4. Once your PDCC fluid has been drained, plastic a rag under the reservoir and remove the remaining smaller hose.

  6. Install your new PDCC fluid reservoir.

  7. Once the new PDCC is installed, add Pentosin CHF 202 power steering fluid. Measure the level using the built in dipstick in the cap. Save the Pentosin CHF 202 because you may need it in the future to top off your PDCC reservoir or power steering fluid.

  8. Do not re-install the plastic panel yet. Take the car for a short drive, then re-check the PDCC fluid level and top off as necessary.

  9. Re-install the plastic panel.

  10. Clean up your work area and put your tools and supplies away.

  11. You're all done!