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How to engine air filter(s) on a Porsche Cayenne (2003-2010)

Maintenance Interval:  4 years or 40,000 miles (60,000 kilometers)

Dealer Cost: ~$200

Independent Mechanic Cost: ~$100

DIY Cost: ~$35

Difficulty: Easy

Repair Time: 15 minutes

Recommendation: Do it yourself


Maintaining clean engine air filters is important for your engine's performance and health. As the engine air filters get dirty, their ability to air to flow easily suffers. Additionally, an old filter could start to fall apart and send dirt and debris into your engine. For the Cayenne, Porsche recommends you replace your engine air filters every 4 years or 40k miles (60k kilometers). For an overview of the procedure, check out the video above from YouTube channel, HowToDoYourself. You can find the parts and detailed instructions below.

These service instructions apply to:

  • 2003-2010 Porsche Cayenne (all models)

Parts you'll need for the job:
Note: V8 models require 2 filters, V6 models require only 1 filter


  1. Make sure your engine is cold, so you don't burn yourself.

  2. Gather your tools and parts.

  3. Open the hood and remove the plastic panel(s) covering the engine air intake(s).

    1. For V6 models, you only need to remove the plastic panel on the driver's side along the fender. It is held on by a few plastic clips, which you can remove with a flat head screwdriver.

    2. For V8 models, you will need to remove both plastic panels on the driver's and passenger's sides along the fenders.

  4. Now you will see the engine air intake housing(s). Separate the plastic engine air intake hose from the air filter housing by removing two T30 pins.

    1. Do this by rotating the pin facing the passenger's side clockwise until the tab on the pin lines up with the upper tab on the air filter housing.

    2. Rotate the pin facing the driver's side counter clockwise.

    3. If you feel a lot of resistance, you are probably turning it the wrong way. So, try turning it the other way or else you will break the pin.

    4. Once the pins are lined up with the tabs on the air filter housing, use pliers to pull them out.

  5. Pop off the two metal clips that hold the air filter housing together.

  6. Separate the engine air intake hose from the air filter housing cover and pull the air filter housing cover off.

  7. Remove the old engine filter and vacuum the air filter housing.

  8. Insert the new engine air filter(s).

  9. Re-install everything.

  10. You're all done!