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Join me as I share my thoughts and reflections on 911 ownership

How much does it cost to own a 911?

Before owning a Porsche 911, learn the total cost of ownership. After owning my 2010 Porsche 911 (997) Carrera S for two years, I've spent $2,900 on maintenance, but have incurred a lot of other expenses. In this video, I'll detail all of my expenses and break down the total cost of ownership to date.

My review of my "new-to-me" 911

I made this video shortly after I purchased my 2010 911 Carrera S in 2014. I'll highlight the key features my car has along with differences between the 997.2 vs. 997.1 revisions.

How practical is a 911?

Many sports car are fun weekend cars, but the 911 is a practical sports car you can daily drive. In this video, I'll show you why I find the 911 so practical from storage space to visibility.

Driving impressions of my 997.2

How does the 997.2 drive? Early in my ownership experience, I take my car on a spirited drive to share my thoughts on its handling, performance, and, overall, driving pleasure.

2 year review - issues with my car

Learn about the issues I've experienced with my car after 2 years of ownership.

What it is like owning 2 Porsches

2 years after purchasing my 911, I picked up a 2008 Porsche Cayenne Turbo to replace my daily driver. Find out what it's like to own two Porsches.

After 25 months, do I regret buying my 911?

Hear my reflections on purchasing my car and what I learned along the way.

How does the 991 compare to the 997?

Many enthusiasts say newer is better while others rave about the older models. In this video, I'll take the 991 Carrera S for a test drive and compare how it feels to my 997.2.

I go on my first PCA drive

Buying a Porsche isn't about just acquiring a car, but you also are buying the community. I joined up with 40 other Porsche owners to go on a nice cruise the bay area.

Time to sell my 911?

After nearly 3 years of ownership, the time has come for me to leave the San Francisco bay area and move to another city. With the uncertainty of my job situation, I contemplate selling my 911.

3 year - cost of ownership review

After 3 years of ownership, has the cost of ownership gotten any worse? In this video, I'll break down all my expenses in order to help you understand the total cost of ownership.

Autocrossing my 911 for the first time!

Spirited drives and weekend cruises are fun, but all Porsche owners should drive their cars how they were meant to be driven at some point. I finally get to autocross my car and I'm hooked! Check out how I did and what I learned along the way.

Autocross tips for beginners

After a few autocross sessions under my belt, here's what I learned. Check out this video in order to prepare for your first autocross event.

I'm getting better at autocross

I let my instructor drive my car to see what he could do with it. Watch us race head-to-head in my car!

4 year - cost of ownership update

After 4 years of ownership, I've spent $16,000 on my car not counting depreciation. Check out this video to learn what contributed to these expenses.