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How to replace engine air filter on a Porsche 911 (2005-2008)

Maintenance Interval: Every 4 years or 40k miles (60k kilometers)

Dealer Cost: ~$300

DIY Cost: ~$30

Difficulty: Easy 

Repair Time: 30 minutes



Maintaining clean engine air filters is important for your engine's performance and health. As the engine air filters get dirty, their ability to air to flow easily suffers. Additionally, an old filter could start to fall apart and send dirt and debris into your engine. For the 911, Porsche recommends you replace your engine air filters every 4 years or 40k miles (60k kilometers). This is a very easy DIY that even a beginner can do. It will also save you a lot of money versus going to a dealership. For an overview of how to perform this DIY procedure, check out the tutorial above from the YouTube channel, Kro50019. More detailed instructions can be found below.


These service instructions apply to:

  • 2005-2008 Porsche 911 Carrera, S, 4, 4S

Tools and parts you'll need for the job:



  1. Gather tools and parts.

  2. Open engine cover.

  3. Remove engine air filter box by:

    1. Loosen clamp that holds engine air filter hose to throttle body using a flat head screwdriver.

    2. Disconnect the MAF sensor plug by depressing two plastic tabs (opposite sides from one another) and pulling out the plug; also remove the MAF sensor plug's wiring harness from the clip attaching it to the air filter box.

    3. Disconnect the vacuum solenoid plug by pressing down on the metal spring clip, then pull the plug straight out.

    4. Disconnect the vacuum line going into the vacuum solenoid by simply pulling it out.

    5. Pop off engine oil filler, which clips onto the engine air filter box.

    6. You should now be able to pull up on the engine air filter box and remove it.

  4. With the engine air filter box​ removed, dust it off so no dirt gets inside the air box once you open it up.

  5. Open engine air filter box by removing 8 T-25 Torx screws.

  6. Replace engine air filter with a new one.

  7. Re-install everything by following these steps in reverse.

  8. Clean up and return tools.

  9. You're all done!