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How to change a serpentine belt on a Porsche 911 (2005-2008)

Maintenance Interval: Every 6 years or 60k miles (90k kilometers)

Dealer Cost: ~$400

DIY Cost: ~$50 (including tools)

Difficulty: Medium 

Repair Time: 1 hours


Your engine uses a serpentine belt to power the accessories like the power steering and water pumps. Over time, the belt gets worn out and can slip or even break. Porsche recommends replacing the serpentine belt every 6 years or 60k miles (90k kilometers). While this is a fairly straight forward DIY, you will need to have some experience working on cars or mechanical aptitude and patience to replace the serpentine belt yourself. If you are unsure, please visit a certified Porsche dealership or independent mechanic.

These service instructions apply to:

  • 2005-2008 Porsche 911 Carrera, S, 4, 4S

Parts you'll need for the job:


Here are detailed step-by-step instructions to help you. For an overview, you can check out the above video from YouTuber, Van Svenson,  which is for a Porsche 996. However, both engines and procedures are very similar.

  1. Gather parts and tools.

  2. Open engine cover.

  3. Remove engine air box:

    1. Loosen hose clamp that connects air box hose to the throttle body.

    2. Undo MAF sensor plug​ on top of the air box.

    3. Undo another sensor on the passenger side of the air box; unclip it to remove.

    4. Remove vacuum hose.

    5. Remove a few clips holding wires to the air box.

    6. Unclip the oil filler from the air box and move it out of the way.

    7. Jiggle the air box and remove it.

    8. Cover the throttle body and air intake hose to prevent debris from getting inside.

  4. Now, the serpentine belt should be revealed. IMPORTANT: Take a picture of the arrangement, so you know how the new serpentine belt should go.​

  5. To remove the old serpentine belt, use a 24mm socket and breaker bar to turn the tensioner pulley clockwise. This will reduce the tension on the serpentine belt, so you can pull it out.

  6. Now, re-route the new serpentine belt in the exact same pattern as the original. To get the new belt completely on, turn the tensioner pulley clockwise again, then release it when the new serpentine belt is fully in place.

  7. Reinstall everything.

  8. Clean up your work area and put away your tools.

  9. You're all done!