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How to inspect & clear water drain ports on a Porsche Cayenne

Maintenance Interval:  Inspect annually and replace when necessary

Dealer Cost: ~$300

Independent Mechanic Cost: ~$150

DIY Cost: Free

Difficulty: Easy

Repair Time: 2 hours

Recommendation: Do it yourself


Over time, the drain plugs on the Porsche Cayenne can get blocked. If this happens and your car encounters a lot of water, you can get water intrusion inside your cabin. To prevent this costly problem, you want to inspect your water drains annually, and, if needed, clear them. For an overview of the procedure, check out the video above from YouTube channel, CarFanatic. You can find detailed instructions below.

These service instructions apply to:

  • 2003-2010 Porsche Cayenne (all models)


  1. Park your car on a flat surface.

  2. Begin by inspecting your water drains.

  3. Take a water hose or bucket of water and pour water over the windshield wiper area. Look at the bottom of your car behind the front wheels to see if water drips out. If water drips out quickly, then your drains are okay. If water drips out very slowly or not at all, proceed to the next steps.

  4. Raise the front of your car using a jack and jack stands.

    Note: If you have air suspension and decided to jack up the car, you will need to lock the air suspension by starting the car and holding the air suspension button up for 10 seconds. You will see an indicator pop up on your gauge cluster.


  5. Remove the front wheels using a 19mm socket and wheel guide bolt.

  6. Remove the T25 torx screws that hold on the front wheel liners; you only need to remove the screws that hold on the rear portion (side of wheel liner facing towards the middle of the car).

  7. Peel open the wheel liner to gain access to the front water drain port.

  8. Locate the water drain port, which is located pretty high up in the fender. The drain port is rubber and are shaped like a +.

  9. Pull the water drain port plug out and use your finger to see if there is debris blocking the hole. If there is, use your finger or a small screwdriver to break up the debris.

  10. Take a water hose or bucket of water and run water down the windshield cowl area. This will help flush the dirt and debris out.

  11. Replace the water drain port plug and re-install the wheel liner and wheel.

  12. Repeat on the other side.

  13. Put away your tools and clean up your work area.

  14. You're all done!