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How to replace spark plugs & ignition coils on a Porsche Cayenne

(2003-2006 V8 Models)

Maintenance Interval:

  • Cayenne S: Every 4 years or 40k miles (60k kilometers)

  • Cayenne Turbo & Turbo S: Every 3 years or 30k miles (45k kilometers)

Dealer Cost: ~$1500 (spark plugs + ignition coils)

Independent Mechanic Cost: ~$1000 (spark plugs + ignition coils)

DIY Cost: ~$400 (spark plugs + ignition coils)

Difficulty: Easy

Repair Time: 2-3 hours

Recommendation: Do it yourself


On Porsche Cayennes, it is really important to replace your spark plugs and ignition coils routinely or you can get left stranded. Replacing the spark plugs and ignition coils is a pretty straight forward DIY and a great way to save money. For an overview of the procedure, check out the video above from YouTube channel, DIY Dan. You can find the parts, tools, and detailed instructions below.

These service instructions apply to:

  • 2003-2006 Porsche Cayenne S, Turbo, Turbo S

Vehicle-specific parts

2003 - 2006 Cayenne S:

↗️Spark Plug set (1 needed)
↗️Ignition Coil Set (1 needed)

2003 - 2006 Cayenne Turbo, Turbo S:

↗️Spark Plugs (8 needed)

↗️Ignition Coil Set (1 needed)


  1. Make sure your engine is cold, so you don't burn yourself; additionally, you do not want to remove or install spark plugs when the engine is hot or you can damage the threads.

  2. Gather tools and parts.

  3. Open hood.

  4. Remove plastic covers surrounding the engine. Start by removing one T20 torx screw that is located under the windshield wiper fluid reservoir cover (passenger side); then use a flat head screwdriver unscrew the plastic clips holding the engine covers in place.

  5. Let's now get started on the passenger side spark plugs & ignition coils. Remove the air pump by disconnecting the air line and electrical connector and removing the three T40 torx screws.

  6. Remove the engine torque damper, which is held on by two bolts. You'll need 16mm and 12mm triple square sockets.

    Note: Inspect the engine torque damper upon removal. If you see cracks, you'll want to replace it with a new one, which can be found
    here on Amazon.​

  7. Next, remove the plastic ignition coil cover, which is held on by four T30 torx screws. Be careful not to drop these!​

  8. With the ignition coils now revealed, carefully unclip the ignition coils.

  9. Use an E12 socket to remove the screws holding in the ignition coils; then, pull each ignition coil off.

  10. Inspect each ignition coil for cracks. While Porsche doesn't recommend you replace the ignition coils as part of the recommended service schedule, these have been known to fail around 50-60k miles and sometimes even sooner.

  11. With the ignition coils off, you now have access to the spark plugs. Use a magnetic spark plug socket and a 6" extension to remove each spark plug. Be sure not to let any debris fall inside your engine.

  12. Carefully thread in your new spark plugs by hand, then torque each spark plug to 22 ft-lbs. DO NOT OVER TORQUE!

  13. Re-install your ignition coils and the plastic cover; you only need to hand tighten the screws.

  14. Re-install the engine torque damper; apply some medium thread locker and torque both bolts to 46 ft-lbs.

  15. Re-install the air pump and hand tighten the screws.

  16. You're now done with the passenger side. Now, move onto the driver's side.

  17. On the driver's side, you'll have to remove the driver's side engine air filter cover to give yourself enough room. Rotate the plastic pins towards each other and line them up with the visible notches. Pull the pins out.

  18. Repeat the instructions above for the driver's side.

  19. Clean up your work area and put your tools away.

  20. You're all done!